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Themes, are always a part of something special, a theme can make ordinary become extraordinary. The same is true with WordPress themes. WordPress themes are used in blog post which makes these posts great to look at. It has amazing features popping out here and there which makes the whole blog more interesting to read. Another benefit that we can get out of themes is the ambience that it gives to the blog. This is perhaps the most essential purpose of a WordPress theme, to give a blog the legitimacy and the relevance that it needs so that readers will not have a doubt that the blog that they are reading are full of facts that are important to learn about.

However, not all WordPress themes fit with the envisioned idea of a blogger on how his blog should appear. This is where you need to customize the theme. In customizing a theme you need to have a software that is able to edit themes available online. You can edit a theme by changing its colors, adding some features like pop ups and the overall appearance of the theme.

How to customize a theme

Customizing is never easy because the themes available online are already coded and in order to change the effects of the theme, you need to change the codes that is already imbedded in the theme and this may take time to understand and process. Keeping things simple is probably the best thing to do first and finding a graphic that is compatible with the current theme that you have then that’s good enough. On the other hand, adding an image is another story. You need to find the original file and download it into your WordPress in order to start the editing process. Once you got that image you have to copy it in order to avoid altering its dimensions and other properties of the image.

With the use of an editing program like sketchpad application then you can edit the image that you’ve just copied. Add a layer on top of the image and think of it as a canvass and start editing. You imagination is basically your best friend here and your knowledge of the editing software that you are using is the tool that make things all possible. You can now add graphics depending on the idea that you want and create a new feature like pop out to appear in designated areas.

In doing theme customization, your understanding of the editing software that you are using is very essential in producing a perfectly customized WordPress theme.

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