Initial steps in creating personal Blogs with WordPress

Blogging has been a big gig in the 21st century. There are a lot of people who make a lot of money just by making an article about anything that is worth talking about. Some Bloggers focus on things that matters to the public and some others talks about personal issues and advises. Surely, these blogs make the World Wide Web a more interesting place to spend extra time with because there are certain blogs that gives so much information and really worth spending time with.

However, the people who created these blogs did not just write the content of it; they also designed and have created everything that is featured in their blogs. The themes, the appearance, interactive templates that pops out to make readers become more interested with what the blogger has to offer, all these things comprises what a blog is all about and if you want to have a Blog site of your own, you also have to know these things in order to be successful.

Here are three simple steps in initially creating personal blogs

  • Be colorful – most of the pieces of article that we read in magazines and the daily paper has color in them. This is one of the most important aspects of a blog, it has to be colorful. This does not mean that your font should be colored as well, no not at all. All this means is that, your blog should not be monotonous. A few colorful borders here and there can be a start but you have to remember that the colors in the theme that you will use will certainly highlight your content and nothing else.
  • Make it simple – you don’t have to exaggerate every feature of your blog. Most themes that are free are simple enough but presents the blog in a decent manner; it almost has that professional feel that premium themes have.
  • Avoid boring themes – study other blogs and take note of the things that you like because most probably other bloggers use these features as well in order to attract and keep readers and subscribers. Remember, when you don’t put enough effort in making your blog look amazing, your readers will not take time to read your content even if your content is educational.

In creating your own theme for a blog, remember these three steps and you will eventually create a theme that best suits you and the content of your blog.

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