WordPress Theme’s importance

Creating your own Blog site does not only require good content but also demands excellent theme ideas. Subscribers will likely to subscribe to a blog if they are properly themed. This means that the Blog site is not just about the content but also interactive which features templates which readers can interact with. However, the theme of a Blog is the most important aspect and it needs to be able to draw attention to web users and keep them interested. Presentation is everything when designing the theme for a Blog or WordPress and that is why bloggers need to focus first before thinking about their content.

Premium or free themes

The themes for WordPress available online can be categorize into two, premium and free. There are certain advantages and disadvantages in each of these categories and its important to know these things as well.

Let’s start with free themes

With free themes, there are no financial obligations involved with using these themes and if you get tired of using one theme, then you are free to select another according to your own discretion. Another advantage also is the wide selection of free themes available online. You can just search “free themes” and results will pop out like mushrooms in the woods.

However, because it is free, there are not updates for these themes. Overtime, these themes will become incompatible with the ever evolving WordPress softwares. There are no tutorials for it as well, so there’s no way in finding how to use the theme effectively unless you are a master coder. Moreover, the qualities of free themes are unsatisfactory sometimes. And overall, free themes are only designed for personal blog use and do not fit blogs for businesses.

How about premium themes?

Of course, these themes are sold online with different price range depending on the features included within the theme. Overall, these are great to look at. The visual aspect of a premium theme is elegant and has that professional effect. These themes are continuously being updated so that users will continue to enjoy new features which make their blog more interactive. Technical help is also available for free and responds when needed. Furthermore, premium themes are customizable. You can change fonts and color anytime you want.

However, there is only one disadvantage that premium themes have and that’s the ever changing price of it. however, it is rational that these themes are priced quite high because of the features we get to enjoy from it so definitely, it’s just fair that we pay for the themes overall worth.

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